How Do You Store Holiday Decorations in Your Garage?

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Getting in the Spirit of Organizing

With Halloween quickly approaching, the holiday season is just around the corner! It’s that time of year for joy, celebration, cheer, and the pain of sifting through cobwebs to pull out holiday decorations. It’s a great tradition, and a frustrating tradition at times, sorting through a disorganized garage space where decorations go to either break or disappear. As we get ready for the holiday season, now is the perfect time to finally take care of the infamous decoration storage space. Let’s run through what to consider in garage organization and storage for your holiday decorations.

Best Ways to Use Your Garage for Holiday Decoration Storage

Shelving and Organizer Systems


Garages can quickly and easily become cluttered over time. An old box of toys here and there, a few bicycles laying around—before you know it, there’s hardly any space to walk around. We’ve all had this issue before, but that’s where shelving can come in handy. High-quality shelving with practical dimensions and sturdy materials are ideal for storage solutions. This not only keeps the area nicely organized, but a high-quality organizer system would make for a long-term solution that does not bend or fall out of the wall like standard wire shelving would. Organization is made easy in the garage with these systems.


Keeping in mind the materials that can crack, melt, and warp, holiday decorations need to be stored in a temperature controlled environment. Some garages may have this feature, but you can also store these decorations in a utility room or closet that is temperature controlled. Through garage organizers and other closet organizer systems, any space can be transformed and optimized for storage needs. Utilizing an organizer system in a temperature controlled area can help you make sure your decorations are not exposed to extreme high or low temperatures when in storage.


Items stored in the garage may be left susceptible to the elements, including water. This can cause damage from high humidity, leaks, or flooding, which may happen due to a water heater or other source. It’s important to consider water damage when storing your items. You can take preventative measures such as adding a dehumidifier where necessary, prioritizing ventilation, and utilizing an organizer system and shelving that does not touch the ground, to avoid contact in the chance of a flood. Also, make sure that the storage spot you determine is not directly next to a garage door or an exterior window—these are also potential sources of moisture that could damage valuable decorations.


In most households, the garage is a pretty busy section of the house. It’s where many enter and leave their houses, park their cars, and take care of chores like mowing the yard. Garage organization is key. With all the motion and activity that happens in the garage, it’s common for things to get bumped, bruised, and dirty out there. Let’s just say this is no place for fine china. Keep your decorations in good condition by finding a good place to tuck them away.

That’s why it’s important to find a safe, out-of-the-way spot for your holiday decorations. Depending on your garage’s layout, finding a safe spot is very realistic. We find that this is important, considering how fragile many decorations can be, especially older ones that may have been in the family for quite some time.

Bugs and CrittersGarage Organization_holiday decoration container

Creepy crawlies always seem to find a way to places they shouldn’t be, especially in the garage. They could damage your decorations by eating at certain materials or leaving droppings behind. In addition to pest control measures, keep bugs and critters away from your decorations by keeping them in containers that seal properly and made of a material that cannot be chewed through. Also, store these containers on an organizer system or shelving that is elevated off the ground, providing an additional barrier between your decorations and intruders.

Prepare for the Holiday Season with an Organizer System

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