Quality Closet Connection Brings Passion Back To Your Master Closet

Is Your Master Closet Slowing Your Life Down?

When it comes to home value after kitchens and bathrooms, closets with good organizational systems are one of the most desired features for homeowners. Yet for many of us, having an organized closet is considered a luxury that is unaffordable.

However, with Americans spending more than nine million hours every day looking for lost and misplaced items, organization solutions may be more of a necessity than a luxury. At Quality Closet Connection, we offer luxury closet solutions that are affordable and have a Lifetime Warranty.


“Disorganization causes 80% of household clutter.”

(Soap and Detergent Association study)

The Master Closet Should Be Efficient

When it comes to closets, the master closet stands out. The master closet not only houses our suits and career wear for the office, but it often is the space for some of our most valuable clothing investments. Jewelry, shoes, purses, belts, and other accessories require dedicated, organized spaces to be both easily accessible and safely stored when not in use.

The Master Closet Should Offer A Stress-Free Morning

For most individuals the morning rush is one of routine and stress. Scrambling to put together the day’s outfit while assuring that the accessories of daily life such as glasses, jewelry, and scarves are all in place, can mean the difference between having a good day and being late for work. However, a disorganized closet can often mean a morning of aggravation. According to an Alpha Phi Quarterly study, 67% of people surveyed believe they could save up to 30 minutes a day if they were more organized.

At Quality Closet Connection, we bring back the joy and confidence of being dressed in that perfect outfit for the day because it is right where you could find it! Shoe organization, accessories storage, and clothing arrangement keep your investments safely stored and easily accessible. With our customized closet systems that are designed to fit YOU alone, we can bring tranquility and calmness to the rush of getting families out the door.

The Master Closet Becomes Masterfully Organized With Quality Closet Connection

At Quality Closet Connection we go out of our way to bring the best, most visually appealing master closet organizational solutions to our clients. Using only the highest quality materials in our customized designs, you will NEVER see a wire shelf in our plans. Instead we use products of the highest quality that functionally make the most of the  closet space. All of our designs are custom created to be unique to the client’s space and organization needs and we NEVER use another vendor’s systems.

Quality Closet Connection Is Different

When you call QCC, you will immediately experience a difference. As our owner, Walter King, comes out personally to consult with you and provide a FREE estimate that gives you one all-inclusive price quote for your customized master closet design. When you are ready for your installation, our team arrives on time ready to work.

We remove all existing closet shelving materials, patch any holes, and install a system that is of the highest quality in the industry. When completed, your master closet space is both functional and beautiful. The best part of it all, is that our team is so efficient that we can complete most master closet installations within one day.

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Ready To Master The Chaos of Your Master Closet Space?

At Quality Closet Connection we know that having a well organized master closet means more than just “having a tidy space”. It means freeing up more time in your day and reducing stress. That is why we are committed to bringing the best we have to our clients.

At QCC, we are always straightforward and honest in the estimates we provide. Dedicated only to providing the highest quality workmanship, our teams are experienced, punctual, and customer service focused. We provide a Lifetime Warranty on our customized master closet systems to prove it. Ready to see how Quality Closet Connection can master your closet chaos? Contact Us Now or Call us at: (770) 710-6008