Efficient Storage Solutions

Your garage may be the biggest room in your home. It is also the room that can draw biggest messes—we have a solution for that. Organization systems will transform your garage by providing shelves and cabinets to clear the room so you can reclaim your garage. Quality Closet Connection designs and installs custom garage storage solutions, including shelving and cabinets. Our professional organization systems are durable and are custom to your unique garage space and needs.

  • Affordable
  • Long Lasting
  • Customized

Why Homeowners Love Quality Closet Connection

Quality Closet Connection is a locally owned and operated business that considers every customer as a neighbor. We’ve been in the business since 1999, bringing 20-plus years’ experience to every job. Our team of professionals design and install high-quality organization systems that are built to last — all at affordable prices for the average homeowner.

Best of all, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our garage designs and installations. That’s right! We have that much confidence in our work and products. It’s no wonder why we’re trusted by so many homeowners in the Atlanta area.

We offer exactly what you should look for in a closet design and installation company.
  • Professional and Friendly Team
  • Great with Our Hands
  • Results We’re Proud Of
We bring professionalism and quality to every job.
  • Always Punctual
  • Insured
  • Full-time Employees — We NEVER use third-party workers.
  • Experienced Craftspeople
Garage Organization Storage Systems Will Give You…
  • Room to Park Your Car
  • Storage Solutions to Protect Items
  • Easy to Navigate Storage Areas

A Garage Fit for You

Whether the garage is a space where you like to spend all weekend or it’s just a place to park the cars, custom organization systems are just that—custom for YOU. Choose between shelving and cabinets with the dimensions that work best for your space and your tools. Made for your garage, for your tools, within your budget.

Open Up Your Garage Floor

Your garage can function as more than just a place to park your car. You may have had ideas for your garage or have needed to use it, but it has always been too cluttered to be productive. The solution is custom and affordable shelving and cabinets. These wall organization systems make a difference for homeowners, providing a space for every tool and other boxes. All our designs utilize practical dimensions and quality materials to provide the best solution for your garage.

Make Your Garage a Safer Place

There’s no shame in a disorganized garage—we’ve all been there. But with tools leaning against the walls, boxes in the middle of the floor, and so forth, the garage can have a few tripping hazards and other unsafe situations. Combine that with questionable shelving, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.

That’s where Quality Closet Connection can help! We can design and install durable organization systems such as cabinets and shelving to help you properly and safely store items in your garage. This not only will eliminate avoidable tripping and falling risks, but this also will create safe storage areas to keep tools and other dangerous items out of reach from the little ones in the house.

Upgrade Your Garage’s Appearance

DID YOU KNOW… “55% of homeowners use the garage as their house’s main entryway.”

Chamberlain Group study

Your garage may be someone’s first impression when they visit your home. A neatly organized area with tidy cabinets and shelving will make for a great welcoming for anyone walking through your garage. More importantly, a neat and organized area can help your mood; if you’re entering through the garage every day after work or running errands, it’s nice to be greeted by a clean, stress-free garage.

Walter King is great !. Walter installed closet shelving and hanging bars in our bedroom closets (3) and totally organized our garage. Everything looks great. The pricing was reasonable. Walter is easy to work with and totally professional.

Garry D.

Walter has a no nonsense approach and doesn’t try to upcharge. His prices are very reasonable. His installation technician was very efficient and pleasant. Highly recommend Quality Closet Connection, Inc.

Barbara H.

Quality Closet Connection Wants To Be Your Partner

Bringing the luxury of custom closets at a reasonable price, Quality Closet Connections offers a partnership program that increases home value and profitability. If you are a builder, realtor, or designer seeking a partner to deliver customized organizational solutions that are of excellent quality, then we would like to speak with you. To learn more Contact Us Now or Call us at: (770) 710-6008