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November 25, 2019
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Hiding Spots That Add to the Surprise

Nothing beats that priceless moment when the kids come running toward the tree in absolute awe of what Santa left for them overnight. That reaction alone is worth the countless hours of brainstorming gift ideas, shopping after work, and late nights spent wrapping presents. The leadup to that moment, however, can foil the whole operation! As curiosity hits, finding the perfect hiding spot for holiday gifts is critical. Whether you live in a small apartment or a home with extra storage, now is the time to get creative, so let our closet design specialists help you spark some ideas on where to hide holiday gifts.

Top 5 Hiding Spots for Holiday Gifts

1. Mislabel, But Don’t Forget!closet designs Alpharetta_Box

One of the classic hiding spot tricks is to put holiday gifts in an unsuspecting box in the garage or attic. Just another cardboard box labeled “books” or “tools” usually won’t raise any red flags with kids. Keep in mind, if you use this trick and some of the others listed below, make sure to track where everything is by making a note on your phone. You wouldn’t want to forget a toy only to find it 10 years later when the kids are all grown up.

2. Hide Them Offsite

Kids can be crafty—it seems like they always catch on to this year’s hiding spots. When you’ve run out of hiding spots at home, try taking a few gifts and leaving them in your desk at work or asking a neighbor to hold onto them—only if these spots are truly safe. We caution against using your trunk as a hiding spot because your kids might come across them when getting groceries, and this spot is susceptible to theft.

3. Who’s Looking in the Laundry Basket?

Have you run out of hiding places for your holiday presents? Piles of laundry will always be around, so why don’t you try storing away an item or two at the bottom of a laundry basket? Make sure to put a towel or sheet over the gifts to prevent them from getting stinky while also ensuring the gifts don’t get tossed into the washer. For the same reason, be sure to tell your significant other where the gifts are hidden.

4. Hide Them in “That” Drawer

The best hiding spots are where no one else will dare to go—and what better place than that drawer with your… unmentionables. Though you can only hide a few gifts in here, tucking presents away at the bottom of a garment drawer will keep this secret a surprise until the big day!

5. Declutter a Cluttered Closet

Though we still have months until the inspiration for spring cleaning comes around, this holiday season could be the perfect time to declutter a few small storage areas in your home. If you have a closet that is nothing less than a disaster right now, use this opportunity to sift through that storage space, getting rid of a few old items and considering upgrading your organizer system with a new design.

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