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Have you ever looked at your garage and felt overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in this space? Most families use the garage as their storage space and over time, without organization, it can become quite overwhelming. A messy garage makes it hard for you and the whole family to locate things that you need or even to park your car inside. Let us help you tackle the issue and embrace the garage organization that your neighborhood will envy.  


A Step-by-Step Guide to Garage Organization 

garage-organization-neededStep 1: Get Rid of Things That You No Longer Need 

First of all, you need to remove things you don’t need or locate them somewhere else in the house. If possible, engage all family members in this step so that you don’t accidentally throw out something that a family member still finds useful. If it’s just junk, determine if it’s still recyclable and proceed accordingly. If there are items that you want to donate or gift somebody, set them aside and put them in boxes. Bear in mind that there are certain items that shouldn’t be stored in the garage, including propane tanks, paper products, pet food, etc.  

Step 2: Categorize Items 

Once you are able to free up some empty space, it’s time to categorize the remaining objects in the garage. Below are some typical categories: 

  • House maintenance tools 
  • Gardening tools 
  • Sports gears 
  • Recreational equipment 
  • Car maintenance 
  • Cleaning supplies 
  • Holiday decorations

If you plan to park the car inside, especially for the winter, you need to count it as a category as well. 

garage-organization-shelvingStep 3: Designate Areas for Each Item 

This step will be unique to each householdReflect on what you and your family need to have access to most often and your garage layoutVisualize how you can make use of the corners and wall space in your garage. If you have time, create an outline of all the areas so that everyone involved in your organization project can be on the same page with you. 

Step 4: Come up with Different Types of Storage Systems 

There are so many organizational tools the consumer market for you to utilize. From stack bins to pegboards, cabinets to corner shelves, you will be amazed by the options that are available. We often recommend our customers to install custom garage shelving as it is one of the most effective ways to maximize the garage space. It allows you to make use of the wall space and stack things neatly on top of each other. Not only does a built-in garage organization enhance the functionality of your garage but it also adds more value to your house. 

Step 5: Execute the Plan 

After all the planning work, you are now ready to roll up your sleeves and transform your garage. Set up a time by which you expect to finish the project and stick to it. Yes, it will take a lot of time and effort, but with proper planning in advance and the appropriate organizational systems, you will reach your goal in no time! 


garage-organization-1Level Up your Garage Organization with Our Custom-Built Closets! 

At Quality Closet Connection, we believe that the possibility of a built-in closet can improve the master bedroom space. Any household can utilize for their garage and make it a more functional, enjoyable space for the whole family. With more than 20 years in the business, we pride ourselves on the quality of the work that we do. Count on us to build your next customized organization system and bring your garage organization to a whole new level. 

For more information, please give us a call at (770) 710-6008 or send us a message on our website. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. 

COVID-19 Updates 

Quality Closet Connection is continuing to serve you during this time with health and safety of course being top priority. Our team is doing our part by frequently washing our hands, frequently using hand sanitizer, and practicing social distancing as recommended by the CDC. Understanding each situation is unique and has specific needs, we are happy to accommodate your needs or delay work until a later time. Should you have any questions about our updated processes, feel free to call us at (770) 710-6008.