Giving Tuesday Is The Perfect Time To Clean Out Those Closets

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Quality Closet Connection, The Custom Closets Designers for Alpharetta and North Fulton Offers Tips on Decluttering Your Closets and Sharing For Giving Tuesday

As the holiday season quickly approaches, we are reminded of the importance of giving back to our communities. Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to philanthropy and volunteerism, falls on November 28 this year. With this in mind, Quality Closet Connection, your Alpharetta custom closets provider, can think of no better time to declutter and give to those in need.


Approaching Cleaning Out Closets and Pantries to Donate to Charities

custom-closets-alpharetta-declutterWhen it comes to cleaning out closets and pantries, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Make a plan: Before you begin cleaning, make a plan of action. Set aside enough time to focus on the task at hand and make a list of items you know you want to donate.
  • Divide and conquer: Divide your closets and pantry into sections, and tackle one area at a time. This will help you stay on task and motivated.
  • Sort through items: Take the time to sort through items carefully. Separate items into piles of Donate, Recycle, Discard, and Keep.
  • Donate to local charities: Once you have identified items to donate, research local charities in your area that accept donations.


Not sure where to donate your gently used clothing and household items? Atlanta has many charities that gladly accept donations, allowing you to give back to your community meaningfully.

  • custom-closets-alpharetta-donationsAtlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore: This nonprofit organization accepts gently used furniture, home goods, and building materials to help support its mission of providing affordable housing.
  • Salvation Army: The Salvation Army provides many services to those in need, including homeless shelters, disaster relief, and rehabilitation centers. Donations to their thrift stores helps support their important work.
  • Goodwill of North Georgia: Goodwill accepts gently used clothing, household goods, and electronics to fund job training and employment services for those in need.
  • Atlanta Union Mission: This nonprofit organization provides a range of services to homeless men, women, and children in the Atlanta area. Donating gently used clothing, linens, and household items can help support their efforts.
  • Simply Give: This nonprofit organization collects gently used clothing, toys, and baby gear to give to families in need in the Atlanta area.


These charities also take donations of food items:

  • custom-closets-alpharetta-foodAtlanta Community Food Bank: Accepts non-perishable food items and household essentials.
  • Must Ministries: Accepts clothing, toiletries, and packaged food items.

By cleaning out your closet or pantry and donating to one of these local charities, you can make a real difference in your community. Not only will you feel good about giving back, but you’ll also be doing your part to help the environment by reducing waste.


Cleaning Out for Giving Tuesday is a Good Time to Evaluate and Get Organized with a Custom Closets System For Your Alpharetta Home

Cleaning out your closet and pantry is the perfect time to evaluate and get organized. Quality Closet Connection, the trusted custom closets provider for Alpharetta and all of North Fulton, can build a custom closet solution that meets your unique needs and complements your personal style. With a lifetime warranty, you can trust that your investment will last for years to come.


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