Quality Closet Connection Brings New Order To The Pantry

Does Your Pantry Invite You In Or Scare You Away?

For most homeowners, the kitchen pantry is a very busy place. While the pantries primary purpose is to store food for the family, it often becomes the resting place for accessory appliances, extra dishes / serving ware, and cleaning supplies. Let’s be honest, the pantry becomes the home for anything that does not have a designated spot.
At Quality Closet Connection, we understand the hard job your kitchen pantry has as a main storage area of your home. The good news is, just because the pantry has a lot to store does not mean it has to scare you when you open the door.


“Homeowners rank a lack of storage space as coming in first at 67% of pet peeves.


A Pantry Is Not Peaceful If You Can’t Easily Find What You Need

Everyday at Quality Closet Connection we see the same scenario, a really great pantry space that has ample room but lacks organization. In fact, our leading complaint from clients is that they can’t find ANYTHING in their pantry when they need it.

While frustrating, a disorganized pantry isn’t just inefficient it may be costing you money! When pantries become cluttered and chaotic, items become hidden. This leads consumers to purchase unnecessary items while items buried in the “black hole” lose their shelf life and expire. Let’s be truthful, who hasn’t found that can of beans that is two years’ old and sat unseen, buried on the shelf!

A Pantry Should Be Safe and Organized

While most clients look at their pantry in need of better organization, safety concerns should also be noted. Overstocked, cheap wire shelving is known to bow and even break leading to damaged walls, scarred floors, spilled foods, and if you’re not careful sore toes!

Often when clutter has no more room on shelves, it tends to take up residence on the pantry floor where it can lead to falls especially if there are elderly or young household members. At Quality Closet Connection, we bring the disorganized pantry new life by creating a space where everything has a place.


The garage, kitchen, and home office were named as the most cluttered spaces in homes.

(Moen survey)

Quality Closet Connection Makes Your Kitchen Pantry User Friendly

At Quality Closet Connection we approach the kitchen pantry as valuable space. Using only the highest quality materials in our customized pantry designs, you will NEVER see a wire shelf in our plans. Instead we use quality products to build a system that organizes the space and makes it not only functional but also eye-catching, increasing your home’s value. All of our designs are custom created to be unique to the client’s space and organization needs and we NEVER use another vendor’s systems.

It’s Time For Quality Closet Connection To Make Your Kitchen Pantry A Showpiece

Quality Closet Connection knows that having a well organized kitchen pantry can save time when preparing meals and bring much needed order to the busiest room of you home. With our dedication to customer service, you can always count on QCC to be straight forward and honest in the estimates we provide.

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It’s Time For Quality Closet Connection To Make Your Kitchen Pantry A Showpiece

Dedicated only to providing the highest quality workmanship, our teams are experienced, punctual, and customer service focused. With our dedication to customer service, you can always count on QCC to be straightforward and honest in the estimate we provide.

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