Efficient Organization Hacks for Your Small Business

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As a small business owner, your days may often be packed with an ever-changing mishmash of tasks. This can make it easy for clutter to pile up and for storage areas to become disorganized. Whether it be merchandise, supplies, or paperwork, staying organized can become increasingly difficult for small businesses. However, your small business can get more organized and efficient with storage solutions such as a professionally designed and installed supply closet. At Quality Closet Connection, we aim to help your business stay organized by providing professional supply closet installation in the Atlanta area, as well as tips to ensure your business stays tidy. We understand the importance of needing to keep a clutter-free business, so here’s our list of helpful tips to take some of that weight off your shoulders.

Infographic for supply closet installation Atlanta. The Importance of Having an Organized Small Business. Saves You Time Wading through a sea of papers takes time. Staying organized will help ensure you're allocating time efficiently. Improves Customer Service A lack of organization can cause your products/services to be delayed, causing you to lose valuable customers. Reduces Stress Providing employees them with an organized environment can help reduce their stress and allow them to function more efficiently.

1. Declutter

If you stand in your office and look around, there are bound to be at least a few things that you would consider “clutter” and unrelated to work or unnecessary to have at the office. Removing clutter can help you and your team focus on work, increasing productivity. This tip is first on the list because it is the most simple and easy to finish. Completing this step is like making your bed in the morning—it gives you a quick and easy sense of accomplishment to begin the organizational process.

2. Tidying Up Papers, Files, and Folders

This task may seem daunting to handle depending on how much unorganized paperwork you have. However, with the right storage and organizational systems in place, it can go by quickly. Before taking on this task, have a place to store your paperwork in an organized way. The custom closet specialists here at Quality Closet Connection can design and install an easy-to-navigate organizer system that’s easy to use. Improved shelving can significantly minimize any time spent sifting through stacks of papers around the office.

Once you have your organizer system in place, it’s time to get to work. Start by dedicating specified places for all categories of paperwork. This will have a noticeable impact on your results. It is crucial to label the drawers and shelves that have just been organized. Without labels indicating what is in those places, people will still spend too much time looking for what they need. They may also put a document away in the wrong place if it’s not labeled correctly.

While this will take time, it is worth it in the end. The best part is that you will be able to breathe a breath of fresh air once it is all done.

3. Proper Organization Systems

One of the more underrated assets a small business can invest in is a proper organization system for their business. Cabinetry for a storage closet, kitchen/breakroom space, or merchandise area can add endlessly to the functions of your small business’ space. Working with a professional supply closet installation service, such as Quality Closet Connection serving Metro Atlanta, can ensure that you have the best possible solution for your business’s organization needs. 

4. Everything Has a Place

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Building on the previous tip, it is important to carry that organization further across as many of the office spaces as possible. The next space that typically needs an overhaul is the supply closet. The supply closet eventually turns into a catch-all storage closet with the door about to burst off of the hinges, holding a host of various items from holiday decorations to vacuum cleaners, and everything in between.

Here, you will find some helpful general tips that will assist you in tackling that tricky supply closet. Additionally, creating a map or guide and leaving it posted on your supply closet door can help show employees where everything belongs within the supply closet. It can also help ensure that no one wastes precious time tracking down a box of staples or printer paper. Allowing the map to double as a way to stay organized as well as help people find what they are searching for.

Professional Supply Closet Installation in Atlanta

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