What Should Go in a Front Hall Closet?

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Revamp Your Hall Closet

Hall closets—there is at least one in just about every home. The good thing about hall closets is that they offer versatility as a neutral storage space. This, however, is also what can make them confusing and stressful to plan and organize. One simple update that is sure to make it easier though is the addition of closet organizers and a few simple storage solutions. Closet organizer installation services provided by design and storage experts like those here at Quality Closet Connection, serving Johns Creek and beyond, can completely revamp your hall closet and home storage quandaries. 

Benefits of a Front Hall Closet

Being convenient and adaptable, hall closets offer bonus storage space for anything from coats to board games. Unfortunately, due to their frequent “junk drawer” status, hall closets tend to get overstuffed and disorganized, making it difficult to find what you’re looking for in them.

The beauty of a front hall closet partly comes with its accessibility. They’re convenient and easy to access by anyone.

Additionally, storing coats, umbrellas, book bags, purses, and other common accessories can allow you to easily keep track of the things that you need when leaving the house while also simplifying storage for when you get home.

When properly organized, front hall closets can provide your family with important organizational skills. They teach you and your family members to assign certain items to a specific place, allowing for a continued pattern of strong habits to form. 

Outfitting the Closet with Clothing Rods and Wall Hookscloset-organizer-installation-services-johns-creek

Typically, hall closets will be home to coats and jackets, at least partially. An easy item to add to any closet to help store those would be a clothing rod or wall hooks.

Have you ever spent a little too long tracking down your or your kid’s jacket? Storing coats or jackets correctly allows for them to be grabbed easily as you all walk out the door. This saves time and unwanted stress when you’re hurrying out the door on a cold day.

Make sure to have your hooks or storage solution installed high enough to accommodate longer coats and allow for storage on the floor under them for boots or umbrellas. Then, installing shelving above the clothing rod can provide even more storage for things like hats or folded sweaters.

If you have school kids with backpacks, or if you often carry around a bag, a front hall closet can be a great place to store these items. They can be easily accessed, and it saves you time from running around looking for your bags. Consider calling a hired professional to install heavy-duty wall hooks to store these bags on. This way, you’ll get the best storage solutions as recommended by a professional in the business.

Storing With Shelves 


For a hall closet that will be used for storing games, kid toys, and similar items, shelving and drawers are an absolute must-have. This is especially true if you want any hope of keeping everything organized.

However, installing shelves and drawers can prove to be a much more complex job than simply putting up a simple clothing rod. This is one storage solution that is best handled by professional closet organizer installation services.

Improperly installed shelves and drawers and be wobbly or crooked. They can get misaligned or don’t open and close correctly. Furthermore, just the thought of working in a tight space all day trying to install them just to realize you have to redo it is enough to cause a headache.

For homeowners around the Atlanta and Johns Creek, GA, area, Quality Closet Connection is here to provide no-hassle closet organizer installation services for the best results.

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