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January 13, 2021
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The Importance of Workplace Organization

According to Executive Secretary Magazine, about six work hours per week are lost due to disorganization. This not only leads to frustration, but this also costs businesses about $11,000 per year in lost wages. That figure may partly be a result of messy desks and filing cabinets, but also consider your workplace’s supply closets and storage spaces. Revamped storage areas offer optimized organization functionalities; this helps your office to be more efficient, focused, and productive. Serving the Atlanta and Alpharetta areas, our custom closets professionals share how an optimized storage area can benefit your small business.

Businesses spend about $11,000 per year in lost wages due to disorganization.

Executive Secretary Magazine

How an Organized Closet Can Make a Difference

Storage Efficiency

Custom closet organizer systems can feature various storage elements such as shelving, hanging rods, drawers, and more. Professional closet and storage area specialists design organization solutions that best make use of a space’s dimensions. This optimizes the area’s intended function while also providing a practical result. An improved storage area makes it easier to find items, accommodate more inventory, and simply keep organized.

closet-designs-alpharettaWe Design and Install Organization Systems For:

  • Closets
  • Storage Areas
  • Mail Rooms
  • Supply Closets
  • Custodial Closets
  • Break Room Pantry
  • And More

Improved Workflow

If your workplace is like many, you may have a catch-all closet or storage space that can be a time-consuming hassle to navigate. A disorganized storage area can prolong tasks and increase the chances that items will be misplaced or lost. With an optimized organization system, your closet can allow for quicker results when employees need to retrieve items out of storage. This takes away the guessing game and helps employees get back to work quicker, improving your business’ focus and productivity.

garage-organization-1That Benefit from Custom Closets

  • Daycares
  • Offices
  • Medical Offices
  • Retailers
  • Education Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Salons
  • Gyms
  • And More

A Secure Location

An improved storage area can also keep your items more secure. For example, employees will be able to keep an accurate inventory of the items that are in a well-organized closet. Custom closets solutions will benefit your Atlanta or Alpharetta small business by helping your storage area to stay organized. Office closets and storage areas are tricky to keep organized considering how many people use these spaces; organizer systems solve that problem by offering a space that is easy to keep organized. This helps businesses keep better track of items and prevent inventory from being lost.

What Makes Quality Closet Connection Different?

Quality Closet Connection is a locally owned and operated business that serves small businesses and homeowners in the Atlanta area. Our in-house team can handle your storage design and install project from concept to creation. Our goal is to optimize your space with high-quality products all within your budget. We design and install our products to bear considerable loads without damaging any part of the visible wall. Quality Closet Connection operates with a customer-focused approach so that our clients receive their desired results that best fit their needs.

Commercial Storage Solutions

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Quality Closet Connection provides custom closets and storage area designs and installation services for commercial and residential clients in the Atlanta area, including Alpharetta. Our custom closets are a great deal, including materials and labor, all at a low price with no hidden fees. We finish most jobs in one day so that your office can quickly back to work with minimal interruptions.

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Quality Closet Connection is continuing to serve you during this time with health and safety of course being top priority. Our team is doing our part by frequently washing our hands, frequently using hand sanitizer, and practicing social distancing as recommended by the CDC. By understanding each situation is unique and has specific needs, we are happy to accommodate your needs or delay work until a later time. Should you have any questions about our updated processes, feel free to call us at 770-710-6008.