3 Ways to Reclaim Your Garage in 2022

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Custom Garage Organization Systems Provide Help and Value

With summer break just around the corner, families all over Georgia are preparing for a million different activities! Unfortunately, a cluttered and disorganized garage can throw a wrench in the summer fun by forcing families to spend their time searching. Precious summer memories become lost in trying to find swim goggles, cleats, or frisbees. In an ideal world, a garage is always kept free of messes and perpetually organized. However, we all know that’s just not realistic. Despite this, the ability to organize your family’s garage becomes a lot easier with the installation of custom garage organization systems, categorizing items, and ridding your garage of clutter. Quality Closet Connection has put together a short and helpful list of tips on how to organize and prepare for the coming summertime activities and beyond.

Step 1: Out With The Old custom garage organization systems

As is standard practice when organizing just about anything, throwing out or giving away old or unused items comes first. This step can definitely be one of the hardest, especially if you assign memories to items or ‘hope’ to use an item in the future. Being realistic, but also allowing yourself to keep some memorable items is ideal. During this step, it is important to consult each person in the home – or better yet, get them to help out on this step – before getting rid of something for good. No matter how tempting it is to quickly go through things and toss out anything that may not appear of value, asking your spouse or kids will save both money and headaches.

Be mindful that some items do not belong in the garage and can even pose a serious risk to your home and family throughout this step. Things like propane tanks and filled gas cans that aren’t appropriately stored should never be stored in the garage. Paper products and wooden furniture that are kept in the garage are at risk of many tragedies. Such as becoming home to insects and other bugs as well as getting damaged by temperature and humidity changes. The high and low temperatures, along with the high humidity, affect and damage a wide variety of everyday household items so be sure to pay careful attention when figuring out what to leave in there and what to take out.

Step 2: Categorize Items

Now that some space has been freed up in the garage, it’s time to separate stuff into categories. Once this step is completed, it’ll be a cinch to put everything up and locate exactly what you want when you go searching next time. Here are some typical categories to help get you started:


  • House Maintenance Tools 
  • Outdoor Toys 
    • Consider placing this in an accessible place for your kids, and teach them how to properly put it back when they are done! 
  • Gardening Tools 
    • This includes flower pots, sod, etc.
  • Sports Gear 
  • Recreational Equipment 
    • Such as camping gear
  • Car Maintenance 
  • Infrequently Used Items 
    • While this is a broad category, there are many items that we ‘need’ but don’t use on a regular basis. Keeping these items together can keep disorganization from forming.
  • Holiday Decorations

Step 3: Designate Areas for Each Category

This step is critical for creating a well-organized space, that will stay organized over time. A great way to begin this process is by creating a 2D diagram of your job. This could include sketching out potential places for storage structures, and more. In addition to visualizing, this practice will help remind you of where items are located, based on category. 

Another way to create well-organized designated areas is by having custom garage organization systems installed within your garage. Garages definitely do not fall under the category of ‘one-size-fits-all’. Having custom closets built into your garage can create an aesthetically appealing and well-organized garage layout.

A professionally designed and installed garage organization system can help homeowners have more space. As well as, specific places for categorized items. Whether you are using bins or a custom-built shelf, having designated areas for your items will help you reclaim your garage. 

Reclaim Your Garage Today with Our Custom-Built Garage Organization Systems By Quality Closet Connection

It is no secret that garages often become cluttered and cramped over time. On top of this, they are often one of the largest rooms in the home, making them an optimal space for storage. However, being cluttered and cramped doesn’t have to define your garage. At Quality Closet Connection, we thrive on creating the best possible custom structure for your space. We are ready to create a custom garage organization system and help you finally reclaim your garage this year. 

For more information, please give us a call at (770) 710-6008 or send us a message on our website. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. 


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