5 Tips for Making the Perfectly Organized Workshop

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Hobbies such as woodworking or metalworking require the perfect workshop, whether it’s a shed, garage, or basement. But finding the right space is only the tip of the iceberg. You need to design and plan the space so that there’s enough room for you to work and store your tools and equipment. Here at Quality Closet Connection, we will create the best custom closets in Cumming for your workshop so you can spend more time on your hobby and less time searching for your tools.

1. Planning Your Space

custom garage organization systemsBefore we create the perfect organizational system for you, you need to get your space ready. Clear your space of clutter and debris. Remove items not related to your hobby and donate the things you don’t need. If your workshop is in a garage, don’t store items such as food because they can attract pests and expire faster dur to temperature changes.

Make sure to buy all the supplies you need for your hobby and know how much room these items will take up. Think about how much space you need to work and if you need to add benches or worktables.

2. The Big Stuff

Once you know what supplies you need, you need to figure out how to store everything. Start with the big stuff, such as saws. Cabinets allow for vertical storage, which lets you store big items without taking up so much room. They make these items easy to access and put away and keep you safer since these items are no longer laying around on the floor. If you have small children, cabinets will allow you to store your tools out of their reach. You can even fold up your work bench or table to store vertically and make room to park your car in the garage.

3. Smaller Items

Smaller items such as screwdrivers are easy to lose, so think carefully about the best way to store them. Our custom storage solutions include some different ways to store small items. We can build shelves, and you can store your items in bins on those shelves. We could also add drawers to your storage area. This provides a smaller space to store these items while keeping them accessible. Label your bins or drawers so that you know exactly what they hold. Never again will you have to spend hours looking for that one screw or carving tool.

4. Safety Items

Though fun, woodworking and other hobbies have a high risk of danger. Fire and injuries from sharp tools may occur, so you need to be prepared with the correct safety items and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Make sure to store them somewhere with easy access. For woodworking, metalworking, or any other hobby that uses sharp tools and flammable materials, you need:

  • A fire extinguisher
  • Safety goggles
  • A dust mask
  • Cut proof gloves
  • A leather apron
  • Any other safety items your hobby requires

Keep these items in a cabinet where you can find them easily before you start your session, and make sure the fire extinguisher is somewhere you can reach easily if needed. Dedicate a specific cabinet, drawer, or bin for these items so that you always know where they are.

5. Climate Control

Garages, basements, and sheds typically don’t connect to the home’s central HVAC system, so if you want to use one of these spaces for a workshop, make sure to include climate control for the summer and winter months. In the summer, you can add a fan and a dehumidifier. In the winter, a space heater will keep your workshop warm and comfortable. When you’re not using these items, you can store them in a cabinet to save space, but keep the proper amount of clearance when using them.

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