Tips for Getting Clutter-Free in 2021

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A Fresh, Clean Start to the New Year

Happy New Year! As we welcome 2021, now is a great time to start fresh and spruce up the house. If you’re like many households, it may be tricky to find a place to begin cleaning and decluttering. Don’t worry! As custom closet designers and installers serving Alpharetta and the greater Atlanta area, we are here to lend our insight on how to tackle the messiest nooks of your home.


Steps for Decluttering Areas of Your Home



Let’s take a look at what steps to take when decluttering your closet.

  1. Clear the Space

Closets can be tricky to organize with the clothing, shoes, and other items stored away in there. The first step is to clear out the space so you have a blank canvas to work with. You will need to dedicate a clean area in the room to properly transfer and temporarily store all your clothing without causing damage to any garments.

  1. Sort Through It All

It’s hard to sift through clothes with an “I might wear this someday” mindset. Be practical and consider donating, tossing (if in a poor condition), or repurposing unused articles of clothing.

  1. Relocate If Needed

You may have something deep in your closet that would make more sense to be stored elsewhere in the house. For example, maybe you had extra towels in there whereas it would be more practical to store them in a hallway closet, bathroom closet, or guest room closet. Assessing this can help you declutter and make the best use of the space you have.

  1. Reorganize

Now for the most important step: putting it all back. If you store your items in the same or a similar way as before, you may run into a cluttered, disorganized situation again in the near future. Consider reconfiguring your closet to optimize the space and to prioritize organization.

Transform your closet with a custom closet design, including shelving, drawers, and other organizer systems that are tailored to your space and needs, making the most of your Alpharetta home.


Pantrycustom closet Alpharetta_Pantry

Clearing the pantry can be a bit of a chore, but these steps can lead you to a long-term solution.

  1. Clear the Shelves

Carve out some time in your day to clear your pantry shelves. As you go along, be sure to sort out the products so you can quickly organize them as you put all your goods back into the pantry.

  1. Dispose of Expired Goods

Once the pantry is cleared, sort through your food and toss any expired products. Many hands make for light work, so enlist the kids for some extra help. Consider donating non-expired non-perishables that you do not intend to use.

  1. Wash the Shelving

While you have the pantry cleared, this is a great opportunity to clean it out. You may be surprised how much dust and how many crumbs you’ll find. Wipe off the shelves with soap and warm water, drying the surfaces before putting products back.

  1. Find Organization Alternatives

Here’s the thing: If you clean out your pantry and don’t improve its organizer systems, then you’re bound to run into this issue again. With a custom closet design from an Alpharetta installer, your pantry will be optimized, making it simple to put products in convenient places. Unlike basic wire shelving, organizer systems make the pantry easier to manage, easier to clean, and simpler to arrange.


Garagecustom closet Alpharetta_Garage

Decluttering and reorganizing the garage can be a lofty task—one that may take up the better part of the weekend. It’s all worth it for the benefits of weekends ahead. So, set aside ample time and follow these steps for a clean garage.

  1. Have a Plan in Mind

Before taking on the challenge of cleaning your garage, consider what your goal is and form a plan based on that. By knowing your garage’s purpose before decluttering, you’ll be able to clean and sort through your items in a way that will give you the best results.

  1. Clear the Garage

Once you form a game plan, clear out your garage and start organizing. Pull out your items onto the driveway or lawn if possible, organizing as you go.

  1. Sort Through Your Items

Sort your items into three piles: keep, donate, and toss. As for the items you are keeping, organize them by category, e.g., tools, sports equipment, and so on. Sorting during this step will help you quickly put everything back in an orderly way. Have trashcans and organizer containers available to make the process go by in as few steps as possible.

  1. Reorganize

This step is among the most important to keep your garage tidy on a daily basis. When reconfiguring your garage, be very mindful of organization. The Spruce recommends storing your items similar to how a department store would with dedicated sections to different types of items. That is, all the tools go in one area, all the lawn equipment goes in another, and so on.

Consider having a custom organizer system installed. This will help you get the most out of your wall space and may also serve well in your mudroom to help keep your house neat as well.


Basementcustom closet in Alpharetta

Let’s face it—the basement isn’t some small hallway closet. To declutter this space will take some work and some time, but the benefits afterward will all be worth it. If you’re stuck wondering where to start, here are a few tips on how to declutter the basement.

  1. Choose a Starting Point

To efficiently declutter such a large area, designate a section that you will work on first. Work in sections until the entire basement is done.

  1. Get Containers

The basement is a great area to store items. This may include keepsakes from yesteryear or items you need to access easily. Containers are a simple and effective way to organize items in the basement. Get plastic containers so that moisture is less of an issue.

  1. Donate or Toss Clutter

Use this time to discern what items you can keep and what items aren’t necessary to keep around.

  1. Find Storage Solutions

This project is an opportunity to find new ways to organize your belongings. An organizer system designed for your basement will make for a neatly organized storage space that is easy to navigate.


Goodbye Clutter, Hello New Storage Areacustom closet design Alpharetta

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