Storage Solutions for When the Parents Move In

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Improving the Closets for Mom and Dad

The transition periods in life are oftentimes the most difficult to navigate. You may be in a chapter of life when your parents’ or in-laws’ best option is to move in with you. This can be overwhelming—emotionally and logistically. To make their living situation as comfortable as possible, the house may need some minor updates. Though it may be an afterthought, a well-designed closet can make life easier for aging adults. Designing and installing custom closets around the Alpharetta and Atlanta areas, our professionals share the best storage solutions for when your parents move in.

Transitioning Your Parents into Your Home

Downsizing and Decluttering

Your parents may have a lifetime’s worth of memories ready to load into a moving truck. Of course, the issue is finding a place to put it all when downsizing. That leads up to the obvious: It’s time to declutter. As their child, you can help your parents to declutter in a few ways.Custom Closets Alpharetta_Downsizing

  1. Sift Through Your Childhood Belongings

Let your parents know that you will take on the task of sorting through your old belongings. Assure them you’ll care for the more sentimental items and will find a good home for the rest. Again, the point of this task is to declutter, so you will have to part with some or most of the collection.

  1. Find Homes for Family Heirlooms

Whether it’s irreplaceable jewelry or a sentimental piece of furniture, you may not have room for all the family heirlooms. To make sure these items stay close to home, reach out to family members and make it known these items are available. Try to find the best home for each heirloom—for example, that old set of China may be best appreciated by a family member who has people over for dinner a lot.

  1. Have a Garage Sale or Donate

The reality is that your parents won’t be able to hang onto all their belongings when downsizing. Depending on this situation, this may mean you too will have to part with a few items to make room before your parents move in. Consider having a garage sale or privately selling valuable items. Hosting a garage sale can be time-consuming; if this option doesn’t work for you, look into donating the items to a nonprofit.

Making an Accommodating Space

You will have to make a few adjustments around the house to make this transition comfortable for your parents and everyone involved. Keep in mind that this process will take time and is best done with open communication. As far as storage goes, every situation is different. The three points below explain how a custom closet can make life easier when your parents move in.

  1. Improved Storage

The downsizing process may help in minimizing the amount of stuff, but this new living arrangement will require new storage solutions. Custom closets optimize the available space in Alpharetta and Atlanta homes. Whether in the bedroom, a hallway closet, the basement, or the garage, improved storage solutions can help busy households to store more belongings in an organized and efficient way.

  1. A Focus on Accessibility

Limited mobility may have played a role in your family’s decision to have your parents move in. With that in mind, take into consideration whether their room and storage areas are functional and accessible. A custom closet is a great solution for making everyday tasks easier for someone who may have limitations.

  1. A Comfortable Experience

It’s amazing the sacrifices we’ll make for family. This situation is a good opportunity to give back to your parents. An old wire-shelf closet may be decent enough, but it doesn’t compare to a durable, professionally installed closet. A new custom closet can improve the bedroom area and make the living arrangement as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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