Why Custom Closets for Your Pool House are the Smart Summer Move

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As summer 2020 kicks off, we’re reminded about how having a day of fun under the sun is a great way to pass time with family. Places near Atlanta like Lake Lanier and local waterparks are the foundation of many summer memories, but nothing beats the family backyard pool. While taking a dip and relaxing in the pool through the warmer months, this may be the opportune time to spruce up your pool house. It’s a great place to host, entertain, and accommodate overnight guests—all while being a great storage space for your pool supplies throughout the year, especially with custom closets.

Installing custom closets in your Atlanta pool house can be an extremely useful upgrade, so let’s take a closer look at how this can instantly transform your house aesthetically and functionally to be a clutter-free haven.

Custom Closets for Atlanta Pool Houses: 5 Top Reasons to Love Them

1. It keeps your house organized

By installing custom closet solutions in your pool house, you will have a dedicated space for storing pool furniture, equipment, and supplies when you are not using them and during the off-season. We know these items can oftentimes be bulky and unsightly, easily cluttering up your beautiful pool house. A proper organizer system will provide the perfect storage solution to keep your pool house nice and tidy with supplies tucked away and out-of-sight.

2. It promotes a sense of privacy

We all love our friends and family, especially when we can gather and relax around the pool. Make them feel at home by outfitting your pool house as a guest house and adding custom closet solutions. It will give your guests a comfortable, practical space to keep their belongings organized during their stay and make them feel welcome while allowing you to enjoy your privacy in the main house.

3. It keeps you safe

The chemicals necessary for pool maintenance are of course harmful to children and should be stored out of reach. A pool house with a custom closet organizer system can be a great solution to storing these supplies away from the kiddos, giving you peace-of-mind and keeping them safe while they’re swimming and creating lifelong memories.

4. It adds value to your homeCustom Closets Atlanta_Pool House

A pool can add thousands to the value of a typical home in Atlanta, and installing a custom organizational system anywhere in your home, including the pool house, further increases its function and value. Boost your home’s value and minimize its time on the market with an affordable yet luxurious customized closet organizer system.

5. It enhances the home’s appeal

Following current custom closet trends adds to your home’s appeal and makes every inch of space more usable.

Transform Your Pool House

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