Bringing Back the Old Canning Closet

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April 29, 2020
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June 24, 2020
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Rediscovering Canning

This year has certainly been unique. Without going into the details of shortages and news reports we’ve all heard by now, shopping in 2020 can be a stressful errand for many. You may have turned to online ordering or getting your groceries delivered, but one other way to take the stress out of stocking up your pantry is by revisiting the tradition of canning. While canning is great for eating fresh without taking frequent trips to the supermarket, it does come with one small question to consider: “Where should I store my canned goods?” Let’s take a look at the reality of having a canning closet and how custom closet designs can be your solution.

Resurrecting the Tradition of Canning

Why Bring Back Canning?closet designs alpharetta canning

Canning isn’t just a forgotten art from generations past—it’s a practical way to lengthen the shelf life of fresh produce or harvest from your garden. Especially through COVID-19, this is a great solution to some grocery store shortages. Pass down this skill and keep your family fed with fresh food, adding variety to your diet.

What Foods Can Be Canned?

If you’re wondering what foods can be canned, think of what foods you’d find at the supermarket that are either in cans or in jars. This includes but is not limited to fruits, vegetables, meat, jams, jellies, and soup. If you’re an avid gardener, this is a great opportunity to make good use of everything you grow. This can also be a unique way of meal prepping for the week as certain foods, such as soups, can be canned.

Where Should My Canning Closet Go?

For most homes, a canning closet makes the most sense in the pantry, in the basement, or in the garage. If you only need a little bit of space for a handful of jars, you may want to consider designating a portion of your current pantry or take this opportunity to redesign it. However, if you plan on producing a lot of canned goods, you will most likely need a dedicated space. A spare pantry area, the basement, or the garage would work well in this situation for many homes, especially with custom closet designs.

What Should I Consider for a Canning Closet?closet designs alpharetta pantry

There are several things to keep in mind when planning your canning closet. One major aspect is that jars, for their size, weigh a lot. That said, if you store multiple jars on a shelf, that may cause a standard wire shelf to bow and potentially damage your drywall. Thoughtfully designed and installed shelving can offer the support needed to store jars. Also, cans are relatively small, meaning a standard pantry shelving configuration would not maximize the space like custom closet designs could. With intricate shelves and compact compartments, make the most out of your canning storage area.

Get Your Dream Canning Closet

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