Cleanup Means New Storage Needs

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March 9, 2020
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May 28, 2020

Making Great Use of Quarantine Time

For many of us, the stay-at-home guidelines as a result of COVID-19 have given us more downtime than we’re used to. After streaming hours of movies and TV shows, you may have used this time to check off a few items on the ol’ honey-do list. Digging into some spring cleaning, this time of quarantine is an opportunity to go through your disorganized attics, garages, and closets. Deep cleaning uncovers both trash and treasures, but the real treasure that comes out of this is the newfound opportunity for organization, creating a highly functional storage area in your home.

Rejuvenating a Storage Area with Purpose

How Organizer Systems Make a Difference

Whether you’ve cleaned out that crowded hallway closet or decided to tackle a bedroom closet, seeing a fresh and empty storage space might inspire you to upgrade that area. That’s great! A well-thought-out organizer system in your storage area can maximize that space while making it more functional. With customized compartments, make the most of your storage area with an organizer system. It’ll help you find things going forward and help the area stay cleaner. Otherwise, you may be cleaning out a stuffed closet once again in a few years.

Spring Cleaning: Where to Start?

This spring is clearly unlike those in the past. While spring cleaning is a great opportunity to spruce up the house before summer kicks in, spring cleaning this year may mean making your home a safer place given the severity of COVID-19. What areas of your home need attention? How should you approach cleaning this year? The experts of USA Today have covered that and more in a recent article. Take a look for some cleaning inspiration!


Upgrade Your Closet

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