Stopping Dirt in Its Tracks With The Perfect Mud Room

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We can all enjoy the outdoors and even want to bring elements of the outdoors in, but we should be selective. Things like houseplants and sunlight are more than welcome, but we draw the line at the dirt, water, and leaves. Whether your home already includes a dedicated mudroom or you want to add some shelving and closet designs to your Alpharetta home, Quality Closet Connection will make the most of your space. Our designs do more than just stop dirt at the door; they’ll create a place that encourages organization and is efficient and inviting.

The mudroom area is typically located by the garage door so, naturally, it’s the place where people immediately set stuff down when they come in or pick stuff up on their way out. Knowing this, it’s easy to plan for and create an orderly and dedicated spot for common things. Many homes in the South do not include mudrooms, but we can help you modify and customize the space near your entrance to function as a mudroom. We can add features such as: 

  • Built-in shelving for shoes
  • A built-in bench to sit down on while removing or putting on shoes
  • Hanger areas for coats
  • And more!

A Few Ways to Stop Dirt At The Door

Remove the Shoes

With winter here and spring-time storms right around the corner, mud is seemingly everywhere and it of course gets stuck in our shoes. According to the American Cleaning Institute, Americans spend 6 hours a week cleaning, and mud tracked through the house can spread germs and look unsightly. 

Adopting a shoes-off policy can significantly decrease the amount of cleaning you have to do. With our custom shoe racks, no one in your household has an excuse for not putting their shoes away, and you will no longer have to frantically look for your shoes before leaving the house. If you have children, we can put shelves lower down so that they can easily reach for their shoes. 

Although your pets can’t take off and store their shoes, you can still prevent them from tracking mud by creating a designated pet area in your mudroom. We can create storage areas specifically for pet supplies such as leashes and toys, making the process of walking your dog easier than ever.


Consider a Design Revamp

If your mudroom only has four walls and a floor, with no shelving, we will help you revamp it with a new design and storage solutions. If the area is currently carpeted, cut out a chunk of it and have it tiled or use laminate flooring. Adding an anti-slip mat will improve safety and is easier to clean than carpet. closet-designs-alpharetta-storage

We have many ideas for ways to create more storage solutions. We can remove the door(s) on a shallow closet to make the room feel more open and install a bench with storage underneath, coat hooks, and open shelving for even more storage. You can customize our designs even further by adding storage baskets to help manage clutter. 

Alternatively, the traditional doors that swing out and take up space can be changed to pocket doors that can be left open or closed without blocking the entryway.


Smart Closet Designs from Alpharetta

Most home closets don’t have much thought put into their design when the builders are trying to put up an entire neighborhood of houses. They are often very basic with just some wire shelving. Many homeowners are aware of this fact but just aren’t sure how to fix it or don’t have the time. Fortunately, with so much potential in even the smallest hallway closets, smart storage solutions are possible and QCC is just a call away. 

Quality Closet Connection, Your Alpharetta Closet Design Pros

Here at QCC, we have decades of experience building custom closet designs all over Alpharetta and surrounding cities. Our efficient storage solutions and space-saving designs can make the most of your space and help your home stay clean and organized. Let our expert team turn that unusable or inefficient entryway into a mudroom fit to handle a little league team.

For more information, please give us a call at (770) 710-6008 or send us a message on our website and get a free estimate. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.