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August 30, 2022
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Quality Closet Connection, Your Perfect Alpharetta Nursery Closet Design Experts

You’re having a baby! Now is such an exciting time of dreaming and planning.  As you prepare to bring a new life into yours, you may be running out of space in your nursery much faster than you were expecting. The stack of gifts from your baby shower may be starting to look more like a scary blob than an exciting adventure into parenthood. However, elevating your nursery to the next level and bringing the aesthetic together with a custom storage solution will allow you to store loads of diapers, adorable baby clothes, toys, and more with ease. At Quality Closet Connection, your closet design specialists in Alpharetta, we are ready to take care of all of your unique storage needs by supplying you with as many custom closet designs as necessary. 

Creating The Perfect Nursery 

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Creating the perfect nursery starts with a good design. Laying out your plans beforehand will help ensure that you have plenty of space and storage, while also allowing you to fully reach your ideal space.

Decide On A Theme

Choosing a theme for your nursery is the perfect way to begin your decorating and organization journey. There are endless themes to choose from, but whether you decide to go with a room full of teddy bear theme or a contemporary theme, it is important to define your expectations of the room. No matter the theme, it is also recommended that you pick a color palette as this will be a big part of the design and shopping process. 

After determining your theme and color palette, creating a ‘mood board’ can help start bringing your ideas to life. A mood board can consist of many different things and there is no “right” way to design one. However, some ideas would include adding your color palette, picking out furniture that you’d like, and scrolling through websites like Pinterest® and finding inspiration images. This is one of the most exciting parts of the nursery design process, as well as a time for big decisions. Try not to rush through this phase, giving yourself plenty of time to reflect on your decisions and brainstorm ideas is ideal for achieving your dream nursery. 

Determine The Layout

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The next phase of creating the perfect nursery involves determining the layout. A large part of this process revolves around measuring your room space. Drawing out the basic dimensions will help you decide where you’d like to place things. 

Three Essential Stations:  
          • Crib-Sleeping Area
          • Nursing Nook 
          • Changing Station 

Having each of these three essential stations can help you adapt to parenthood more smoothly. Creating the perfect changing station can help reduce a lot of stress. Having plenty of storage for clothes, diapers, wipes, creams, and more will help ensure that you can change your baby with ease. Trying to change a wiggling baby is not an easy task, so being able to easily access these items is a game changer. 

This is also the stage in which contacting a professional to design a custom storage solution is ideal. Quality Closet Connection can create the perfect storage solution for you, whether it be custom closet designs or custom storage builds for the room itself. At Quality Closet Connection creating your perfect storage solution is our goal. Our experts can assess your nursery and help you design the perfect, custom-built storage space.

Put It All Together

The final stage is putting it all together. Once you’ve had one of QCC’s Alpharetta professionals create the perfect closet designs for you, it is time to paint, choose furniture, and finalize your nursery’s layout. You can start working towards achieving your mood board’s aesthetic by getting the perfect pieces to fill out your baby’s new room. 

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Here in Alpharetta, at Quality Closet Connection, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations and providing your soon-to-be family with the highest quality work. Our teams are experienced, punctual, and customer service-focused. We can transform your baby’s nursery into a one-of-a-kind, organized, comfortable room that you and your baby will love.

For more information, please give us a call at (770) 710-6008 or send us a message on our website. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. 


“Walter and his team installed custom shelves/drawers in 2 closets and a pantry in our 82 year old home and did an amazing job. They were professional, and efficient and their work really improved our quality of life. Now, we have moved into a new home, and the first thing we did was have Walter come out and do it again. We strongly recommend Walter and Quality Closet Connection. Their work is excellent, they listen to our needs, and their prices are reasonable.” – Keith Yancey