Taming The Teen Room Chaos

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Quality Closet Connection, Your Custom Closet Solutions for Cumming, Asks Is Your Teen’s Room Driving You Crazy?

As a parent of a teenager, most of us experience that terror of looking into our teen’s room only to wonder…”What is in there?!” As you peer in seeing little, if any floor and immediately being hit with a smell that could make the dog run for cover asking, can this teen room chaos be tamed? At Quality Closet Connection, your custom closet solution for Cumming and the Atlanta area, we have closet solutions for even the most unorganized teen.


Tips For De-Cluttering Your Teen’s Room

custom-closet-cumming-messyWhile it is completely normal for a teen’s bedroom to be messy, clutter can lead to some negative issues. If your teen is having issues with getting homework done consistently, suffers from indoor allergies, or is having emotional issues related to stress, a cluttered room can be playing a negative role in these issues.

So, how do you begin the de-cluttering process?

It’s important to understand how important your teen’s privacy is to them. But, it is your home and there is a legitimate expectation of keeping rooms in order. A messy room can easily spill over into other areas of the home. As well there are concerns of cleanliness including keeping pests, rodents, and allergens from becoming an issue.

A first step should be to have a sit-down with your teen to discuss the issue. Explain your concerns and how you feel their room’s situation may be negatively affecting their well-being and performance in areas such as school.

      • Is your teen late every day due to not being able to find clothes or shoes?
      • Is your teen unable to concentrate on homework or projects due to the chaos?
      • Has your teen tripped or physically hurt themselves due to clutter on the floor?

These are all legitimate concerns to bring up. But don’t forget how this affects your home and your own stress-keeping it clean and pest-free, is also a valid concern too. Hopefully a sit-down will work but, sometimes it may take a time or two more to get the message across.

Next, make the offer to help. Yes, they made the mess but like all of us sometimes things get to a point where we need a little help. If the clutter has gotten to an extreme point, your teen may simply feel overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning things up. Many times, just helping them get started is all it takes, then they will be energized to do the rest on their own.

What to keep and what to let go of can be a dealbreaker. Remember that teens often value things with a bit more sentimentality. That old dance flyer you see as just a piece of paper that should be tossed, to your teen could be a heartfelt memory of their first kiss. Pick your battles over items that are issues for cleanliness, good health, and safety. Just remember it’s important to allow your teen to choose, the compromise however should be to keep it they have to find an organization-friendly way to store or display it.

Getting The Teen Room Organized With A Custom Closet Source For Cumming and The Atlanta Area

Get organized. So, you’ve done the tough part: Your teen’s room is clean but there are boxes, bins and totes everywhere the closet is stacked, stuffing and spilling over. Now is the ideal time to get organized. While your teen’s stuff may be clean, there still may be the need for clearing some things out.

A good place to start is the Three Box De-Junking Method. With this easy decluttering method you simply implement the use of three boxes labeled THROW AWAY, GIVE AWAY, and PUT AWAY (or KEEP). As simple as it sounds the Throw Away box is used for trash, the Give Away box is for donating to charity, and the Put Away box is for items to keep.


So, after you have gone through everything, the next most important step is going to be organizing what stays. A well-planned closet, custom organization system can be a lifesaver. To be of best use, a closet organization system should be sturdy and make the best of the space available. The perfect closet systems are not a one-size fits all solution. Instead, your teen’s closet organization system should be customized to fit their needs as well as closet size.

      • Is your teen a fashionista needing tons of clothing storage space?
      • Is your son a gamer needing little clothes storage but sturdy shelving for all his gaming accessories?
      • Is your daughter an artist in residence requiring both clothing space and a system for storing massive amounts of art supplies?

All of these situations can be addressed with a great closet storage system. The key is to be customized to use and space.

Once you have that perfect organization system in place it may be time to look at the accessories and furnishings for your teen’s newly organized room. Make use of cool baskets, totes, and clear bins that can fit perfectly into a closet organization system. Look at ways to implement your teen’s interests and decorating style into their room storage solutions.

Some furnishings that are recommended are:

      • custom-closet-cumming-roomA Comfortable Bed
      • Seating Options Outside of the Bed
        • (Think outside the box – repurposed porch chairs, bean bag chairs, etc.)
      • A Study or Work Table
      • A Table Lamp and/or Decorative Lighting Options
        • (Lighting is not only important but can add to your teen’s personal decorative style)
      • A Rug
      • A Dresser
        • (A great custom closet system can take place of this in many circumstances offering more room in the space)
      • An Electronics Space
        • (An area for a cell phone charging station, TV, computer, etc.)

Allowing your teen to be as creative as possible in the storage process of taming their chaotic room allows them to create an environment that works for their needs, shows off their unique style, and offers the best chances for keeping their room clean and organized in the future.



Need Some Help In Taming Your Teen’s Room Chaos?

At Quality Closet Connection, we take pride in offering custom closet storage solutions that work for the family, are of the highest-quality, and look great. Let’s face it teens just naturally have a lot of stuff.

Let us help calm the arguments over the clean bedroom by providing a closet organizing system that can provide easy storage and sturdy structure all while still looking cool. No more ugly, falling-down, wire shelving. No more clothes on the closet floor due to a lack of functional hanging options. Quality Closet Connection is your custom closet resource for Cumming and the Atlanta area. We have the perfect solution for taming your teen’s room chaos.

Ready to find out how? Contact Us Now or Call Us at: (770) 710-6008.