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QCC’s Custom Closet Solutions For Your John’s Creek HOA Pool House

Summer is here, which means it’s time to get back in the pool! Between pool parties, barbecues, and relaxing afternoons, there are a lot of pool supplies to keep track of and organize. With the help of Quality Closet Connection, you can organize and optimize your John’s Creek HOA pool house with custom closet organization.

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With toys, towels, safety supplies, floats, and maintenance tools, there is a lot that goes into making your HOA pool a summer retreat. It’s easy for these items to pile up and get disorganized, especially if you haven’t thought about them since last summer! 

This summer, let Quality Closet Connection help you get your HOA pool house organized with a custom organized closet space. We can optimize your pool house and clubhouse for optimal pool and party items storage! Here are some tips for keeping all your supplies organized and clean.


A Place for Everything 


After finding an organization system that works for you and your pool members, the best way to keep up with it is to have your lifeguard or swim committee members do a little upkeep each day. After every pool session, make sure toys and supplies are put back in their spot to keep members space clutter-free. Convenient storage solutions will help make this process a breeze! 


  • Hooks: Hooks are a great way to make use of poolside vertical space. Hooks are a perfect place to let wet towels dry so they don’t get mildew. Hooks can also be used to store long tools like pool skimmers and brooms.


  • Shelves: Maintenance chemicals for your HOA pool should always be locked away and placed on a high shelf so children cannot reach them. Place items your members reach for often, like pool toys or first aid kits, on easy to reach shelves, and store less-used items, like your pool test kits, on high shelves to make quick access easier. Quality Closet Connection can provide the perfect shelving options for these needs and your HOA pool house space. 


  • Baskets and Bins: Having baskets can help you keep supplies and toys organized and separated. Plastic baskets with holes are ideal for giving wet toys the opportunity to dry. Baskets can store extra goggles, diving toys, and pool house bathroom materials. 


Keeping your HOA Clubhouse Outdoor Furniture Clean

Quality Closet Connection, your custom closet providers for John’s Creek,  understand that pool toys and accessories aren’t the only outdoor pool items that need some extra care. Keeping your community’s pool furniture clean is important, and thankfully, not too hard to do. Due to their sturdy and weather-resistant materials, upkeep on your HOA clubhouse furniture should be simple.

First, you want to make sure all outdoor furniture is actually furniture that is designed to be placed outside. Outdoor-specific furniture is designed with tougher materials than indoor furniture, ensuring they can withstand the elements. Most soft furniture items, like couches and chair cushions, are covered in a water-resistant or waterproof material. Hard surfaces, like outdoor tables and chairs, are made of materials that don’t rust or break down in the elements.

Even though outdoor furniture is designed to be tough, it’s still a good idea to invest in furniture covers for more extreme weather. Covers can be stored in your HOA pool storage space when not in use, making them easy to access when needed. You can also keep some rags and towels on hand to wipe down surfaces like tables and chairs with a bit of soapy water to give them a quick clean. After sitting outside, it’s also a good idea to rinse the furniture with a garden hose to remove any sweat, sunscreen, and pool chemicals from their surfaces.

Also, in off-season, consider storing outdoor furniture securely in your HOA’s clubhouse storage  to protect from the harsh fall and winter elements.


Your John’s Creek HOA Pool House Storage with Quality Closet Connection

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