Making Your Airbnb More Hospitable with Custom Closet Storage

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July 5, 2021
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Creating a Welcoming Airbnb Environment with Custom Closets in Atlanta

Hosting a space on Airbnb can be a great way to earn some extra income while making use of any extra room you might have available. Whether you’re renting out one room in your home or an entire house, keeping your space organized and clean is essential to being a successful and welcoming host. You will impress your guests and boost your listing’s ratings by creating a well-organized space for guests to stay. Quality Closet Connection can help you create an organized space with organization tools for your kitchen, bathrooms, garages, and custom closets in Atlanta, GA. 

A lot goes into hosting, from coordinating check-ins and check-outs, ensuring your space is clean, keeping your listing up-to-date, and making sure your space is inviting to guests. A strong organizational system in your rental space will help you streamline your cleaning process while creating a more homey and relaxing experience for your guests. Reducing some of the pressures of managing your own rental will allow for you to be a better host to your guests, and in turn, your guests will feel more welcomed and comfortable, meaning they are more likely to leave a five-star review!

Here are a few reasons why it might be time to consider custom closets for your Atlanta Airbnb!


Welcome Guests with an At-Home Feelcustom closets in atlanta

Part of the appeal of an Airbnb is that the space feels more like a home rather than a hotel room. There’s nothing more frustrating for guests than not being able to find what you need when you need it, so creating a space where guests can easily find and access what they need and want is key to making them feel at home.

Having a well-thought-out organizational system in place will help guests make sense of what is stored where. Custom organization for situations like these are especially helpful in the kitchen and bathroom. A well-organized and labeled kitchen will allow guests to access pots and pans, dishes, and utensils with ease. They will also have an easier time navigating your pantry and finding any appliances, like blenders or toasters, that they might need. A neat bathroom can help guests locate extra toilet paper, towels, and other essentials you might provide in your space without having to message you to find out.


Making a Good Impression

Ratings and reviews are essential to the way Airbnb’s community is run. Many potential guests will judge where to stay by the reviews previous guests have left about your space, so you want to ensure you are providing a great space and service. By making a great impression on your guests, you can expect to see your space’s rating go up and reviews improve. Other than getting great reviews on your Airbnb listing, spaces that really impress, by being comfortable and inviting, are more likely to be recommended to friends and family, have repeat bookings, and even possibly have a blog post written about them! 


Encourage Long-Term Stays

Long-term guests, who usually book for several weeks or by the month, are a great score for your Airbnb listing. By having a guest book out a whole month, you ensure daily income from that month by not having any gaps between guests. Having one guest book out your space also reduces your check-in and out cleaning duties, making hosting easier for you. 

Living out of your suitcase, especially if staying in one place for a month, can be frustrating. One way to make sure long-term guests are comfortable is by providing ample closet space. By having an organized and custom closet, long-term guests are able to unpack and make the space feel like their own. 


Simplify Your Cleaning Process

An organized space is much easier to clean than an unorganized one. After hosting a guest, or in preparation for a new one, having your cleaning supplies readily available will help streamline your cleaning process. A space where everything is organized and has its own place will also encourage your guests to pick up and clean up after themselves by making the process easier on them. If anything is left out, everything having its own designated space throughout your place will make it easier and quicker to pick up.


Optimize Your Personal Storagecustom closets in atlanta

Optimizing your own personal storage in your Airbnb is important as well, especially if you rent out a room and you yourself live in the rest of the space. Having everything of your own tucked away in custom-designed closets and cupboards will make your home neater and grant you more privacy from guests. 

Your personal storage might also include areas where you store supplies for your rented space. Having an organized system where you store essentials for your guests, like toilet paper, shampoo, hand soap, salt and pepper, and paper towels, will help you be a better and more prepared host. By keeping these supplies organized, you can keep track of what you need to stock up on the next time you shop. This will also allow you to quickly replenish any essentials that are running low throughout your rental space.


custom closets in atlanta

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