Spring is On The Way, Where Should I Store My Coats?

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What’s the Best Way to Store My Jackets?

Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring in 2020, as many are reporting. That means we’re hopefully only a short few weeks away from warmer weather. As spring brings some of Alpharetta’s (and all of Georgia’s) most beautiful weather offerings, our winter coats are soon to go unused for months, taking up valuable closet space until temperatures drop later in the year. That being said, we can’t just make the mistake of throwing our jackets into a box in the attic for the season. As closet organizer installers and specialists, we’ve listed out the top steps to storing your coats during the warmer months.

5 Winter Coat Storage Tips

Clean Before You Storecloset organizer installation services alpharetta_laundry

It seems like a no-brainer, but how many of us actually launder our coats before storing them? Think of all the potential food and other scents that could be on unwashed coats before going dormant for months. Additionally, laundering your coats will also prevent dust mites. Not only will this help freshen up the garment when you go to use it in the fall or winter, but washing out odors will also reduce insect activity, which would otherwise damage your nice outerwear. Launder your coats only as recommended on the tag.

Temperature is Key

Clothing and other linens ideally should be stored in a dry and cool space—not in the attic or basement. Store your winter coats in a temperature-controlled closet. This is important to prevent mildew from forming on your garments. Warm, humid environments can cause irreversible damage to your clothing, especially when stored in that environment for extended periods of time.

Be Mindful of Pestscloset organizer installation services alpharetta_moth holes

Pests such as moths and larva can damage your clothing. Before storing your clothing into any containers or closets, make sure to properly clean the area. This includes washing out any storage containers and thoroughly vacuuming the closet, checking for any potential signs of pests.

Store Away in Accessible Containers

If not neatly hung in an organized closet, keep your coats clean and organized by storing them in bins during the off-season. Make sure to label the bins for quick access, especially if we get an unexpected cold front in the middle of an otherwise gorgeous spring. Some suggest wrapping your coats in clean cotton linens to protect them from pests, dust, and dust mites.

Don’t Forget Footwear

If stored in a tight space, your winter boots might get misshaped over the summer. If you plan on storing your winter footwear, make sure to carefully organize them to prevent damage—especially for tall footwear. If needed, find something that would act as a brace to prevent your tall boots from slouching while in storage for months.

Of course, keep handy a few sweaters and other outerwear you might need for cool nights or travel.

Optimize Your Storage with Closet Organizers

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