5 Tips To Get Organized For 2022!

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It goes without saying that the past two years have been overwhelming for all of us. We’ve been pushed to quarantine at home and adjust our daily lives in ways that are difficult, to say the least. Because of the adjustments we’ve all made, your home may be a little more disorganized and chaotic than you’d like it to be. Don’t worry. The pros at Quality Closet Connection, have the perfect tips to help you get your storage spaces organized for 2022! Serving the Metro Atlanta area, including Johns Creek, GA, our custom closet design and installation specialists urge homeowners to take the new year as an opportunity to reclaim their homes by prioritizing organization. Here are our recommendations!

#1 Identify Your Trouble Spots

unorganized drawer

It is easy for your storage spaces to become a universal home for unorganized items. Every home has that one storage space brimming with junk. It’s easy to throw something in there and forget about it, but doing so can affect the flow and functionality of your home.

“If the key purpose of the laundry room is to support you when you do laundry, don’t store candles, vases, pet supplies, and batteries there.”

Danielle Tanner Liu

Just like a junk drawer, your home may have a closet or cabinet collecting old, unused items. Many of us can understand the fear that comes with tackling the dreaded hall closet that is about to burst open with an array of random items. Whatever your trouble spots consist of, make a list of these areas so you can have a better starting place as well as an end goal.

#2 Get Rid Of Unneeded Items

It’s normal to struggle with getting rid of things. It can be hard to justify donating perfectly good items. Many of us are inclined to keep “things” just because we already own them or you “might need them someday.” However, you can work past this. For some tips on ridding your life of unnecessary items, check out the following graphic.

#3 Empty Out Your Space

The best way to begin this organization journey is to pull everything out of your trouble areas. Pull everything out of storage areas such as desks, closets, and the garage. Then, take a step back so you can see everything. By removing all of the clutter and laying it out on the ground, you are able to go through and sort the items into different piles.

The piles should roughly be divided into four categories:

  • Used Often
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely
  • Never

Separating the clutter into these piles makes the follow-through of the process much easier. Furthermore, this is the perfect time to have your space redesigned. Quality Closet Connection can provide you with the custom closet design of your dreams, we cater to Metro Atlanta areas, including Johns Creek, GA!

#4 Categorize Similar Items And Store Them Together

For those junk drawers or closets that are loaded with miscellaneous items, once you have everything pulled out onto the floor or counter, begin creating categorized piles as you separate items. Think of the best spot for all the items: Is the kitchen drawer really the best spot for a screwdriver when the rest of the tools are out in the garage? After categorizing everything, place the items in their appropriate area.

#5 Start Small

Overall, start small! You may feel overwhelmed after seeing a long list of “trouble” areas you want to organize. Don’t panic! Instead, you should try and look at organizing as more of a puzzle. You don’t open up the puzzle and immediately begin assembling it; you start by assembling the edge pieces. People often make the mistake of getting in over their heads with plans of organizing their whole life and house in one sitting. However, the real trick is to start small. Starting small can help you feel less intimidated and feel more accomplished when you are actually able to organize a small space.

These spaces could include:

  • Work Desks
  • Junk Drawers
  • Refrigerators
  • Medicine Cabinets

Get Organized With Quality Closet Connection

Your Dream Storage Space Is A Call Away

Quality Closet Connection is the trusted custom closet provider in the Johns Creek, GA, area. Our custom closets can be the perfect solution to you living a clutter-free and organized lifestyle. We work hard to create the custom closet of your dreams and to organize your already existing spaces to allow for a more uncluttered experience.

For more information about how we can elevate your home, give us a call at 770-710-6008, email us at walter@qualityclosetconnection.com, or contact us on our website!