4 Tips For Safely Storing Sports Memorabilia

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Plenty of us pick up a habit of collecting specific items or types of items throughout our lives. From baseball cards to jerseys and more, one of the most popular things to collect is sports memorabilia. What started as a fun and modest hobby now fuels a billion-dollar industry. And while some sports items we collect still hold true to those humble beginnings, other items sell for hundreds, thousands, or even over a million dollars. Though, no matter the value of the collection, it’s important that the items are stored properly to avoid degradation as best as possible. Quality Closet Connection, in Alpharetta, offers perfect custom closet designs to store and show off your collection.

Safe Storage for Your Collectioncloset designs Alpharetta, glove

With such a wide variety of materials and shapes to protect, figuring out the best storage solutions can certainly be daunting. Then, of course, a decision has to be made about whether or not the items will be displayed or kept in a storage closet. Let’s go over some common storage solutions.

  • Storing Leather

Leather items such as baseball gloves, baseballs, and footballs need to be protected from getting too dry or too humid. They should also be kept out of direct sunlight as the ultraviolet rays from the sun will ruin the appearance of the leather, making it look old and uncared for.

If you wish to maintain the value of a prized leather item, opting to store it in an archival box inside of a home closet is the best thing to do. This protects it in almost the same fashion that museums do.

  • Paper Memorabiliacloset designs Alpharetta

Some of the most highly collected items in the sports world are baseball cards and sporting event tickets. These things can be easily organized and stored, thanks to their uniform shape and size.

Like all collectibles, they should be shielded from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Binders are the most common storage option for these things, but special attention needs to be paid to the quality of plastic used. Select plastic sleeves that have passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) which ensures the paper is protected from any negative reactions with the plastic.

Again, if your goal is to protect the items as best as possible to maintain the original look and feel, add additional protection by storing them in a closet where sunlight, dust, and pests cannot get to them.

  • Jerseys and Clothing

No matter if it’s a jersey that your favorite player signed or even if it’s your child’s soccer jersey from their tournament win, they need to be stored in the same manner to make sure they last.

The first step is to wash the garment. Of course, if it’s a signed jersey you will have to be a bit more cautious not to wash the ink away. Taking it to the dry cleaners and making them aware of the significance is a good option as they have more effective detergents and tools for the job. Otherwise, hand washing it at home is a valid substitute. Always remember to let the garments dry completely before storing them.

  • On Display

When you wish to display your collection of sports memorabilia, accommodations should be made to keep them as safe as possible. As we mentioned, all collectibles should be kept out of direct sunlight or they will quickly fade and age. Display the items in places that do not receive sunlight through any windows or skylights.

Basement “man caves” are a popular choice for displaying collectibles of all types due to the fact that the sun’s UV rays might never come into contact with your items. Another popular area for displaying some collectibles is a dedicated walk-in closet with a custom closet organization system. 

Be sure that if you choose to store in a basement that you have an adequate humidity and temperature control solution. It’s almost a necessity to, instead, store and display your collection on the main floor to best preserve everything.

Opt for Custom Closet Designs in your Alpharetta Homecloset designs alpharetta

Deciding what to put on display and what to keep packed away in a storage closet can be frustrating. After all, you probably started collecting to be able to look back on your favorite sports moments and memories.

What if there was a way to do both? Well, here at Quality Closet Connection in Alpharetta, we’ve been building custom closet designs since 1999 that can do just that. Whether your closet space is small and needs to be custom-built with ample, sturdy shelving for safe storage or the space is big enough to design dedicated spaces for displaying and protecting prized collectibles, QCC has the perfect closet design for your Alpharetta home.

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