How to Give Your Closet a Brilliant Makeover on a Budget

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Big Results on a Small Budget

Have you wanted to update your closet but haven’t wanted to spend the money to do it? You may think it’s a costly project that’s not worth investing in. Well, with the right approach, a revamped closet is affordable for any homeowner! There are cost-effective ways to get the results you want. From trusted custom closets professionals in Atlanta, here are a few steps for taking a small budget and getting big results on your closet overhaul.

Steps for a Cost-Effective New Closet

Start By OrganizingCustom Closets Atlanta

The reality of any closet or storage area renovation project is that it will require some organization. This step will take some time and focus, but at least it’s free! This involves sorting through your clothes or items and either keeping, donating, or tossing what you find. By clearing the closet of all belongings, you’ll have a blank canvas to work with. You may even find that some of the existing infrastructure could be reutilized in your new design. Your wallet will appreciate that!

Know Your Plan

Unlike remodeling a kitchen, custom closets don’t need expensive appliances to make a difference. You can improve your closet with a few shelves and organizer systems, but you have to do it right to get the results you want. Just like your wardrobe is tailored to match your style, your closet can be customized to perfectly match your needs. There are unlimited options on how to outfit your closet. That means that, before you start remodeling, you’ll need a clear vision of how you want the closet to be when you’re done. Do you want to hang your clothes? Do you want drawers? How much overhead storage will be needed? Thoughtfully consider your design before going to work.

DIY or Hire a Pro?Custom Closets Atlanta

DIY projects are a great way to save money and to learn a new skill along the way. Some people enjoy the challenge of updating a part of their home. The results of DIY projects can be rewarding, but not always perfect. By opting for DIY, you have complete control over the project—for better or for worse. Most likely, a DIY job isn’t done right the first time. There will be trial and error, and that can add up, both financially and time-wise.

In the case of a closet, some homeowners may choose to install wire shelving as a cheap DIY solution. If you want something that will last, wire shelves are not the answer. This is one of many examples of why professional help can be cheaper in the long run. By hiring a professional, you will get top-notch results. Oftentimes, the cost difference between doing it yourself and hiring a professional is closer than you may think. This is because the job is being done by someone who does this for a living. That professional will use the right materials as it isn’t a guessing game for them. This saves homeowners time researching on how to do the work and saves them the headache of buying the wrong materials or making costly mistakes.

Our advice: Call a professional. If you’re in need of a custom closets professional in Atlanta, Quality Closet Connection is an affordable and family-owned business that produces five-star results on every job.

Professional Services with a Personalized Touch

Contact Quality Closet Connection

Quality Closet Connection provides custom closet designs and installation. Serving the Atlanta area, including Alpharetta, our custom closets are a great value, including materials and labor, all at a low price with no hidden fees. We finish most jobs in one day—that means it’s a quick turnaround to transform your closet or storage space.

What to Expect with Quality Closet Connection

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“We just had all of the closets in our house done, and it’s one of the best home improvements I have done. After checking with several closet companies in the North Atlanta area, we decided to go with Quality Closets, because we discovered we could have it all (six closets) done for about the same as the other companies were charging for just three closets. I was looking to increase the storage space and organization in our home, and this is exactly what we got. Walter was very easy to work with and listened to our needs. We’re extremely pleased and highly recommend them.”

— Charlotte Vaughan