5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Custom Closet Contractor

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Person for the Gig

Reading online reviews might not give you the whole picture. If you’ve ever shopped around for a home services contractor, then you know the pain and struggle of finding the right person for the job. Who can you trust? Who will offer you the best deal? Today, let’s go over the top aspects to look for in a closet contractor to ensure you make the right choice, according to our Alpharetta professionals.

What to Look for in a Custom Closet Contractor

1. Quality

Think back to the closet in your first apartment – wire shelving everywhere. Wire shelving limits the functionality of a closet, including the lack of adjustability and the limited storage space for accessories such as shoes and purses. Choose a company that installs with quality wood, which is able to be adjusted as needed and will be sturdy through the years while keeping your closet neatly organized.

2. No Third-Party Workers

Choose quality from the product to the installation. Third-party workers might not be as familiar with certain closet systems and could install it improperly based on unfamiliarity or a lack of experience. By choosing a company that has an in-house install team, you are prioritizing quality during every step of your project. Have the peace-of-mind that your closet organizer system will be installed with a steady and experienced hand that’s accustomed to working with closet systems; choose a company that only uses in-house install teams.

3. In-Person Meetings

Most closets are behind doors, and you most likely don’t think about your closet throughout the day. Just because closets are usually “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t make them any less important. A closet is where you start your day; if not given the level of detail needed, a closet could be messy, disorganized and discouraging. For your custom closet project, work with a contractor who will meet with you in person to come up with the best possible solution to maximize the use of your closet.

4. Portfolio and Testimonials

Opting for a local contractor does not mean you’ll forgo quality. That being said, you’ll have to do your research. Choose a custom closet company that have a proven portfolio of previous jobs and a lot of testimonials that give you the confidence that you’re choosing the right contractor.

5. Local

Large companies typically run on systematic procedures and solutions for their clients. A local company, however, will take the time to come up with a personalized and unique solution that is perfect for you. With a local custom closet contractor, your area will get the individualized attention needed to transform your closet into your happy space. Choosing a locally based contractor in the Atlanta or Alpharetta area will only add convenience to your project.

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